Welcome to Essentials by KissMeOrganics Lifetime Guarantee

At KissMeOrganics we strive to bring you top quality products that will last. The Essentials guarantee covers all of our accessories (from manufacturing defects) for the lifetime of the product.* This does not include accidents, loss or theft, damage incurred by improper care, damage incurred by improper use, or normal wear and tear. If you feel your product is defective please return it to KissMeOrganics for evaluation.

Only products purchased through KissMeOrganics, or an authorized seller will be considered in replacement requests.

*Lifetime of the product refers to the expected lifetime of the materials which the product is made from. We do not claim our products will last the average lifespan of a human. Our materials and craftsmanship are top quality, but try as we might nothing lasts forever. The lifespan of our accessories will depend on how well you take care of them, how often you use them, and how old they are.

*Manufacturing defects refers to a manufacturing design flaw. Defective lids, shaker balls, handles, etc., are covered by our guarantee for the lifetime of the product. KissMeOrganics will replace or repair manufacturing defects free of charge.

*Wear and tear refers to the naturally occurring damage resulting from normal use over time. Even though we choose the very best materials for our products, they will deteriorate over time. Normal deterioration of materials and moving parts is not covered under our guarantee.