Several years ago our founder, Anthony Codispoti, sought advice from a respected medical doctor and nutritionist in an effort to optimize his body’s performance. Although he wasn’t technically “sick,” he often felt tired and run down and he knew he could be feeling better. After running several tests, his doctor prescribed numerous supplements based on the deficiencies she found.

Determined to improve his health, he set to work eagerly scarfing down large quantities of expensive supplements for several months. He was following a plan that his doctor had tailor-made for his body. However, his enthusiasm waned after a few months because he felt no improvement and the act of taking so many pills every day started to make him feel like he was suffering from chronic illness.Anthony decided further investigation was needed and it was then he learned about the harsh production environments in which many supplements are made and the damage that high heat and chemicals can do to the beneficial compounds which are being extracted from the source. This research solidified, for him, the importance of consuming whole foods. Rather than trying to isolate a single compound from a food and focus on consuming it in isolation, he began incorporating whole, nutritious foods into his diet. Foods that contained all the supporting micronutrients in just the right amounts.

With his newfound focus on nutrient-dense foods, Anthony set about trying a number of “superfoods” by mixing them into his morning smoothie. One day while pondering the health benefits of green tea, it occurred to Anthony that he was tossing out valuable nutrients with his brewed tea leaves, so he decided to throw a spoonful of green tea leaves into his blender to see how he felt. What followed started him on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of KissMeOrganics.

Over the course of several weeks, he found that adding Matcha to his smoothies gave him a noticeable boost in energy. He was more focused and productive in his work without feeling anxious or jittery, he had more energy, he was sleeping better and had more endurance throughout the day.

As he began sharing his discovery with family and friends, they were reporting similar results with the same kind of enthusiasm. As more of his loved ones began making this a part of the daily routine, Anthony wanted to make sure that they were consuming the best quality product possible. He began collecting samples from organic tea farms across Asia and sent them to a lab in the USA for testing. He chose the farm that had the purest green tea leaves he could find and that’s the product that he began offering, first to his inner circle, and now to you.

We believe customers have a right to know what’s really in their food, so we require all our suppliers to undergo testing before we’ll agree to work with them, and we freely share the results of those tests with our customers.
Take a peek behind the curtain, we know you’ll like what you find.